March 12, 2019 Pollution is our Biggest Issue

Pollution is our Biggest Issue



We are living in the world of pollution. It really sounds bad. But this is the fact. We are bounded in such surroundings where all the pollution is gathered. So what do you actually know about pollution?  This is actually a common topic. We all know about it. The consequences to face them and the best tips and tricks to avoid them. We all are the creation and destruction of the environment. We have been provided with so amazing ecosystem. But we can’t take care of it properly. We should be ashamed of doing this. So let’s be the journey.  

What is pollution?  

Pollution term is nothing but the way to pollute our environment. Especially the air from chimneys and factories causes pollution. It balances our ecosystem. The existence of it is rapidly increasing day by day. We are also causing various steps. As we know that the use of technology and science had rapidly increased. So due to this reason, the use of pollution had grown more. We are wasting nature and thought of it. We are not thinking of the bad effects of it. Later we have to face the bad consequences of it. We are just thinking of our own benefits and using the technology in huge amount.  

Types of pollution  

The types and cause of pollution are many some are mentioned below.  

  • The first one is air pollution. This is being caused by the smoke, dust, harmful gas from factory etc. The fuels used by vehicles is also the cause of it. To avoid this we should use the eco-friendly vehicle. Try to set the factories in an outer place where there is no house and people. This can reduce air pollution.  
  • Water pollution is the most important. It is important because we are throwing all the waste and Garbage in the river and ponds. The water which we drink come from this. So we should avoid this completely. The government should make a proper routine and avoid this. Well, the garbage should be thrown in a bucket and never use the used plastic.  


If we talk about the solution to this there are many down are mentioned below.  

  • The first step is to try to locate all the factories in that rural area where there are no people. Keep and maintain the ecosystem.  
  • Maintain the garbage facility. Thrown the waste of your home in a proper place and lit the fire so that all the garbage is being burned.  
  • The problem use of water maintaining is necessary. Never ever throw the dust and germs into any river, sea etc.  


Lastly, you can say that the use of pollution can be stopped and make the environment a friendly one. The use of ecofriendly things is necessary. We should underestimate the harmful things and make use of those things which are useful and helpful.  Try to build a helping hand. This will lead you happy and healthier life. So trust and have faith.